Heart Shaped Everything

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hopefully everyone is having a chocolate filled day of love. Any holiday is a great excuse to make your food into different shapes, don’t ya think? Might as well break up the everyday monotony and make food into art. Like a cupcake Christmas tree, or maybe something as simple as a heart shaped breakfast!

Cut a hole in your bread with a heart shaped cookie cutter.

Cook your egg inside the heart shaped hole and use the leftover bread for toast.

Or how about turning that homemade pizza into a pie of love?

Make your dough on your own or grab the pre-made stuff at Trader’s like I did. Add your favorite toppings!

Tomato sauce, mushrooms, prosciutto, and mozzarella for me.

I can’t believe I don’t have a heart shaped dessert for you, but I’ve been a little busy crafting lately. They will have to wait until next year.

What heart shaped food are you going to make this V-day?

Lovely comments

  1. AMA says

    I am having Taco Tuesday for my Valentines Day. So maybe I can figure out how to make tortilla chips in a heart shape.
    Love you.

    • says

      how about trimming the tortillas into hearts? we are going down to the wharf to pick up some crab tonight. so glad you taught me the spot to go. lots of love. have fun tonight!

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