Driftwood Jewelry Display {DailyBuzz Style 9×9}

I found a piece of driftwood last summer while I was on a weekend trip to the American river. We walked down a steep hill to get to the river, then walked along big rocks on an adventure upstream. Well, we didn’t get too far on our adventure because let’s be honest, I am a wimp. I am truly pathetic when it comes to any activity that involves possibly getting hurt. When a hill gets too steep, I’d rather sit and slide down than attempt to walk and possibly fall. Let’s just say I don’t quite live on the edge. But, the scary upstream walk was totally worth it once I found this awesome piece of driftwood. I grabbed it and some other smaller pieces of wood and knew I would find some use for it, even though it happened to be a whole year later.

Thanks to my constant blog perusing, I found inspiration for my driftwood project over at lovely indeed a few months ago. Then a few weeks ago, daily buzz style asked for submissions of your best jewelry organizer. This gave me the extra little push I needed to finally work on my project.

And let’s start crafting!

Driftwood Jewelry Display Supplies:

  • Driftwood
  • Rope
  • Nails
  • Screw in hooks
  • Paint
  • Hammer
  • Glue gun

Take your rope and tie it on both ends of your driftwood. Secure the rope by putting a little glue from the glue gun between the wood and rope.

Now paint your nails (not your fingernails silly, the ones you hammer!) I painted mine seafoam green to go with the beachy theme.

Hammer your nails into the wood (or find your nearest handy man to help). I staggered them along the front, but place  them wherever you feel looks best.

Lastly, screw in your hooks along the bottom of the wood. If you are having a hard time screwing them in, hammer a small nail where you want the hooks, take it out, then it should be easier to get the hooks in place.

And that’s it! Easy, right?

I kept mine pretty simple in order to keep the driftwood and jewelry as the center of attention, but painting the wood is a fun option as well.

Next time you are on a thrill seeking adventure upstream, find yourself a piece of driftwood and you can make this jewelry display too!

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