Pumpkin Chicken Curry

pumpkin curry4

I don’t think I have ever watched so much TV as I did last week. I was the first one home sick on the couch, then another one bit the dust so I had to keep him company in front of the television. By the end of the week, all I could think and talk[read more]

Friday Fünf {the real oktoberfest}

"you are my hot wild tiger"

My dirndl waited patiently in the closet. The muscle between my thumb and pointer finger trained year long to hold countless liter beers in glass steins. We practiced our German numbers so we were prepared for the “Ein, Swei, Drei, G’Suffa” cheer. 

Friday Fünf {wedding month}


Well, I’m officially a married woman. It’s hard to express in words how amazing this last month of wedding festivities has been.  I spent a whole month doing crafts (any crafter’s dream), finalizing wedding details (party planners heaven), and hanging out with my family and friends.

Heart Stitched Wedding Card


Living abroad is great and all, but there are certain times when I really wish I could be teleported to the states for just a few hours. Being somewhere “in spirit” is no fun. But, a 12 hour plane ride and 9 hour time change doesn’t make it easy to go home for a quick[read more]

30 for 30


My big brother is turning 30 today. A pretty big milestone indeed. But for a thirty year old, I’d say he has lived a pretty full life.