Friday Fünf {week two}


After two months of living out of a suitcase, we were ready to get our stuff back. We moved into our “permanent” apartment last week which meant the moving company could finally deliver our things! These things came into our apartment on this really cool lift through our balcony. Did I mention we have a[read more]

Friday Fünf {week one}


Fünf means five in German and I think it’s such a funny word. In hopes to use this word as much as possible, I am going to do a little weekly series. Show you all a peek of my daily life in Zürich with five pictures each week (the term ‘weekly’ is used loosely so[read more]

The All-American Starbucks


Since moving to Zurich, I have days that I crave normalcy. Walking out of the house is always an adventure here, which is partly why we came, but partly the hardest part. I’m learning all sorts of new things about the Swiss culture. I think some customs are better, some are silly, and sometimes I[read more]

DIY Ask Your Bridesmaids Gift


More wedding talk! I know, it’s a little much. But when most of your free time is spent dreaming up craft projects on a normal day, can you imagine what happens when you are handed the golden crafting opportunity…a wedding?? Well, let me give you a little taste. It’s called ridiculous & useless, yet thoughtful[read more]

Wedding Inspiration: Unique Guest Books


As you may know (since it seems to be one of the only things I can talk about these days), I’m in the midst of wedding planning. It has been surprisingly more fun than stressful, but I owe that mostly to my amazing wedding planner. She worries about the big plans like the food, venue,[read more]

Easter Weekend in Amsterdam


I arrived in Zurich and a whole five days later, we were back in the airport. We were off to Amsterdam! I’m slowly finding out that not only does Europe have more vacation time than the states, they also celebrate every religious holiday by taking more time off of work. Everything is shut down on[read more]

Off to Zurich we go…


Grüezi friends! I know you have been waiting anxiously for my return, and it is finally here. In the past 4 months I have moved from one apartment in San Francisco to another, started a new job as a real estate agent, got engaged, started wedding planning, and packed up our new SF apartment to move[read more]