Berry Avocado Smoothie Bowl

Berry Avocado Smoothie Bowl_3

Earlier this week, I did an unintentional high intensity workout. This included sprinting back and forth to the U.S. Embassy two times, lots of toe tapping, and leg bouncing. You see, I had a limited time to get my passport renewed and the best way to expedite the process was to turn in the application […]

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Truffe {swiss chocolate shop tour}


Truffe is not your average Swiss chocolate shop. The storefront window along the cobblestone streets of old town has you guessing—do they sell chocolate? Home décor? Is it an interior design studio? The mystery will lure you in and the unique offerings will keep you shopping. Not only do they offer luxury chocolate, they also […]

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Slow Cooker Carnitas Tacos

Slow Cooker Carnitas Tacos_4

Lately, many holidays have been sneaking up and passing me by before I can properly celebrate. Valentine’s Day? Didn’t notice it. St. Paddy’s day? I highly doubt I wore green. I realized it’s because no one is constantly reminding me to celebrate these holidays here in Europe. There are no ads plastered around town, or Valentine’s […]

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friday fünf


After two years of living in Switzerland, my dad finally decided it was time to see what was so great about this place that took his daughter away from California. Zurich showed him the best of all it’s weather worlds; starting with a good downpour followed by a few days of sunshine. By the end of […]

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friday fünf {zürich life}

friday funf-4

This week we celebrated Sechseläuten, which involves the burning of a giant snowman (better known as the böögg) in the center of Zurich. This 100+ year old tradition says that the faster the snowman burns, the better summer we will have (similar to groundhog’s day). I had yet to watch the actual event, but this year’s celebration […]

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Teuscher {swiss chocolate shop tour}


My first box of Teuscher chocolates was given to me as a gift at my bridal shower. I started enjoying my champagne truffles right away, only realizing towards the bottom of the box that they were Swiss chocolates and had been gifted to me for that reason. Those truffles slightly eased the worries of the coming international […]

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