friday fünf


The wind is whipping, the rain is pouring, the leaves are falling, and the soup is on the stovetop. I just love autumn! But not in mid-August. I’m used to cold summers after living in San Francisco, but at least in San Francisco, a random gorgeous sunny day might be graced upon you in the[read more]

friday fünf

el nidos

I’m home from being home. When I was leaving for California, I told everyone I was going home, yet when I was on my way back to Switzerland, I again told everyone I was going home. I guess I now have two “homes” and I’m perfectly ok with that. As I mentioned before, I had a pretty[read more]

DIY Rocket Man Jetpack


My nephew, Noah, and I were playing house the other day. I was the mom and he was the dad and cousin Evie was our daughter. Noah went off to work and gave me a big kiss. When he came home from work, he pretended to hand me money as well as the dinner he[read more]

friday fünf & a birthday girl!

me & gram rehearsal bus

I’m back in the bay area and it feels so good. I’ve got a packed three weeks that includes traveling on six flights to four states for a 90th birthday party, a wedding, a bachelorette party, and a family vacation to Loon Lake. After 15+ hours flying across the Atlantic back to San Francisco and a wee bit[read more]

Gold Leaf Concrete Planters & Candles

cement pot and candles - 15

It’s not common that I find people that like to craft as much as I do, and I would have never guessed that I would find someone in Switzerland of all places. But I did, and she might actually like to craft more than I do, which I didn’t really know was possible!

London’s Amanzi Tea

amanzi tea_1

You all know I love tea, but I recently realized that I never really talk about it here, even though it’s one of the main reasons why I started this blog. I guess it’s because I’m not good at describing flavor notes; I can just tell you if it is really tasty, just blah, or[read more]

Oreo Chocolate Cupcakes

oreo cupcakes_main

I don’t know what’s going on with me. Maybe my tastebuds are changing. Maybe it’s the hotter weather. Maybe I’m turning Swiss.* But lately, I haven’t been enjoying super sweet desserts. I’m usually not one to discriminate against any dessert (ok maybe the coffee ones) but for some reason, really sweet things are losing their[read more]