Tomato & Onion Stuffed Eggplants from Cooking Alaturka

Stuffed Eggplant_5

This amazing travel we have been able to experience while living abroad has given me a whole new appreciation for food. Every country (and sometimes city) has their own special meals and particular ways to prepare them. I find it fascinating. At first, I just liked to try a few restaurants and street food while[read more]

Istanbul, Turkey


My trip to Istanbul has been over a year in the making. My girlfriends and I had a week long trip planned along the Turkish coast last summer, but we changed it last minute due to the political unrest. Our replacement trip to Croatia more than sufficed, but I still had a flight voucher to Istanbul[read more]

DIY Bachelorette Sash

DIY Bachelorette Sash_3

Yet again, there have already been a few weekends this year that I wished it didn’t take a 20-hour travel day to get to the US West Coast. Had it been the usual 2 hour flight from SF to Las Vegas, I would have been at Colette’s Bachelorette party in a heartbeat. I was sad I couldn’t[read more]

friday fünf


The wind is whipping, the rain is pouring, the leaves are falling, and the soup is on the stovetop. I just love autumn! But not in mid-August. I’m used to cold summers after living in San Francisco, but at least in San Francisco, a random gorgeous sunny day might be graced upon you in the[read more]