Gold Leaf Concrete Planters & Candles

cement pot and candles - 15

It’s not common that I find people that like to craft as much as I do, and I would have never guessed that I would find someone in Switzerland of all places. But I did, and she might actually like to craft more than I do, which I didn’t really know was possible!

London’s Amanzi Tea

amanzi tea_1

You all know I love tea, but I recently realized that I never really talk about it here, even though it’s one of the main reasons why I started this blog. I guess it’s because I’m not good at describing flavor notes; I can just tell you if it is really tasty, just blah, or[read more]

Oreo Chocolate Cupcakes

oreo cupcakes_main

I don’t know what’s going on with me. Maybe my tastebuds are changing. Maybe it’s the hotter weather. Maybe I’m turning Swiss.* But lately, I haven’t been enjoying super sweet desserts. I’m usually not one to discriminate against any dessert (ok maybe the coffee ones) but for some reason, really sweet things are losing their[read more]

36 Hours in Venice, Italy


For our few years abroad, creating a travel list was a must. The problem is, the more we travel, the longer the list gets. We cross one place off and hear about three more places to go. For a while, we had planned to save a portion of the list for three-day weekend trips. But[read more]

Flip Flop Wine Coasters

flip flop coasters_2

I have to say I have a pretty good memory, though it’s not always useful. I’m really good at remembering the date of people’s birthdays, but not necessarily good at wishing them a happy birthday on the actual day. I could also tell you the price of every item of clothing in my closet, but[read more]

friday fünf {zürich life}

friday funf june - 4

Life lately has been hot! Summer is officially here. We bought a BBQ for our balcony, brought our fan down from storage, added more plants to our garden, and I’m mentally preparing for the summer heat sans air conditioning. I plan to buy a season pass to the badis (sectioned off swimming areas on the[read more]

Coconut Chia Seed Pudding

coconut chia seed pudding - 10

I’ve never been a huge yogurt eater, but sometimes I get an unexplainable craving for the creamy substance. Seeing as I’m laying off the dairy these days, when my yogurt craving kicked in, I didn’t know where to turn. Then I remembered chia seeds. I’d been hesitant to buy them considering the cheapest I’d found[read more]

friday fünf {zürich life}


Lately, we haven’t had any weekend trips planned, so we have been hanging around Zürich. As much as I love travelling, it’s been nice to enjoy weekends at home. I like using my closet versus a suitcase every once in a while. But travelling sure makes you appreciate the simple joys of being at home.[read more]