Heart Stitched Wedding Card


Living abroad is great and all, but there are certain times when I really wish I could be teleported to the states for just a few hours. Being somewhere “in spirit” is no fun. But, a 12 hour plane ride and 9 hour time change doesn’t make it easy to go home for a quick[read more]

30 for 30


My big brother is turning 30 today. A pretty big milestone indeed. But for a thirty year old, I’d say he has lived a pretty full life.

The Arnold Palmer


As I’m sitting in my apartment watching the rain fall on this mid-May day, I am dreaming of summer afternoons where I can sit on my balcony with a cold beverage in hand. Right now I have my hot tea by my side, but I have high hopes that I will need to substitute this[read more]

Friday Fünf {kitchen must-haves}


I haven’t quite figured out the focus of this column yet, so I’m just making it up as I go…sound good? Good. This week my iPhone didn’t have any interesting pictures to post…I guess I wasn’t as snap happy as usual. Instead of a weekly life update, I’m going to tell you about these 5[read more]