Gingerbread Cookies, Candy Canes, and Ornament Cupcakes {and a giveaway!}

christmas tree

Last year at this time, I was back in San Francisco hopping from cookie exchange parties to a cookie decorating workshop to holiday get-togethers. This year has been much calmer, which has been helpful to keep holiday weight gain at bay, but I have no parties to bake for! I managed to figure out how […]

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Christmas in Europe

Christmas in Europe01

Christmas in Europe is pretty magical. I guess when you combine a ton of beautiful lights with a cold Swiss winter; the result is a wonderful Christmas feeling that I have never experienced. On top of the pretty lights, there is glühwein to be drunk (a warm mulled wine), a nightly singing Christmas tree, chestnuts […]

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DIY Tissue Paper Holiday Garland


In our apartment, we have all these great window sills that seemed to be asking for a hanging holiday garland. I got my supplies and set out to make a tissue paper garland that looked easy and affordable…just what I wanted for my holiday decor. Turns out I forgot to take into consideration that there […]

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Tea Lover

tea gift guide

I think you already know this by now, but I l-o-v-e tea. I probably drink anywhere from 3-7 cups of tea a day. When I have met fellow sole tea drinkers, they seem to love tea just as much as I do. So if you have any tea drinkers on your holiday shopping list, there […]

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Peppermint White Chocolate Teabag Cookies

teabag final

I recently went into Starbucks for my long awaited red cup of peppermint hot chocolate and to my disappointment, there was none to be found. The lady behind the counter looked confused and said, “Pfefferminze? Und Schokolade?” As if it isn’t the perfect combination. I obviously still can’t get over the lack of minty desserts […]

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Friday Fünf {swiss chocolate}

chocolate tours - 05

I know I just talked about eating healthy, but basically I eat healthy most of the time so I can indulge in chocolate, and most recently; Swiss chocolate. Lately, I’ve had a lot of visitors, so I had to let them experience my favorite part about this city- the chocolate, of course. Let me give […]

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Nutella Brownie Bites

nutella brownie bites - 06

Last week, Jon’s office threw us a celebratory “apero” for our recent nuptials. I thought it was just a casual happy hour, so I arrived fashionably late, per usual. As I arrived, everyone was sitting down in a circle and there was an empty seat at the head of the circle, next to Jon, waiting […]

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